CT83 GE Brightspeed 16 Select

- Available

2010 Brightspeed 16 with spptember 3.5MHU Tube

Fair cosmetic state . Few scratch on bed

SW version : 11BW46.3_SP1-9-1.HP_S_P16_G_HLT

Tube Varian MX165NP from august 2016 installed July 2016

54 millions mAs at desinstallation time / 5792 patients

Permanent options : Smart Prep, Patient 16 Slices, AutomA, Direct3D, Direct MPR, Helical Tilt, 3000 Images Series,Data Export, CopyComposer, Helical-120-Seconds, LitePower350, Neurofilter, Volume Viewer


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AW4.6 on HP8400 station with dual LCD configurations

- Available

Options installées : GE Remote Update, AW RemoteAccess, Functool Performance, ReportCARD, Pasting1.1, Functool Spectroscopy, Functool_Spectroscopy, Functool Diffusion, Functool DTI Tractography, Functool eDWI, Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer PET, Volume Viewer MR, Integrated Registration CT, Integrated Registration MR, OncoQuant, READY VIEW, READY VIEW MR Standard, READY VIEW SER, READY VIEW BrainStat, READY VIEW BrainStat AIF, READY VIEW Brain View.

Several other configuration available

CT 67 : GE Optima 660 64 barrettes

- Sold

GE Optima 660 from may 2012 with 128 slices SW Option (Overlapped Recon Axial)

Tube Performix II installed 24 november 2015

Good cosmetic state.

Serviced by EOM.

SW version : 12HW28.8_SP3-0-1.H40_P2_SS64_G_GMV

Tube installed 24 november 2015. mAs at desinstallation time : 26 millions mAs / 126 ksec at desinstallation time

Previous tube installed in May 2012 and lasted 3 years and 6 months

Gantry S/N : 304643HM0

Bed S/N : 304363HM5

PDU S/N : 304639HM8

Installed options : Direct-MPR, Data Export, Smart Prep, Automa, 3000 Images Series, Copy Composer, Smart Speed, ASIR, 100kVA, 0_4Speed, Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking, Image Check, Organ Dose Modulation, Dynamic Transition, Overlapped Recon Axial, Connect Pro, Volume Viewer, High Pitch Helical – 1.53, Ultra Kernel, Xt Display-OneStopScanning, DentaScan, Autobone_Xpress, AVA_Xpress.

Comes with backup SW, phantoms and cover dollies


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CT18 : Lightspeed Ultra

- Sold

Still used by customer. Fair cosmetic state

Under EOM maintenance contract

SW version : 07MW11.10_SP3_0_11.H2_P_M8_G_Zeus

Tube Performix changed 12th of june 2012.

Estimated mAs at desinstallation time: 5 millions mAs +/-5%

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CT12 : GE VCT 64 barrettes

- Sold

VCT 64 slices from June 2005 + Ivy Cardiac Trigger Monitor 3150

Good cosmetic state

Under EOM maintenance contract

SW version : 07MW18.4_SP3_0_11.V40_H_V64_G_GTL

Tube Hercules changé 5 aout  2011  mAs at desinstallation time: 33 millions mAs

Availability immediate

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GE Hispeed LXI from November 1998

- Sold

Very good cosmetic state

Under EOM maintenance contract

SW version : Hispeed Series 6.03

Tube MX165CT from december 2010 installed in march 2011. 32 millions mAs at desinstallation time.

CT Options : Reformat, Remote Tilt, Power 300mA, Fast Scan 0.8s, Helical 120 Max, Helical Plus, Extended Fov, Enhanced cooling, ImageDisk, Raw Data 1000max, smart Recon, Power 350mA Max.

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CT38 - GE Lightspeed 16 barrettes

- Sold

Lightspeed 16 4x from June 2003

Used by customer until beginning dec 2013

Fair cosmetic state. Few scratches on gantry cover and bed lateral cover

Serviced by EOM.

SW version : 405L.8_H4.2M4

Tube changed July 2011. mAs at desinstallation time : 85 millions mAs.


Installed options : Smart Prep, Smart Speed, Helical Tilt, Recon Plus, Power440, Automa, Variviewer, Patient-16-slice, Direct-3D, 3000 Images Series, Tube 6.3MHU, CardIq snap shot, SmartScore Pro, Connect Pro.


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CT 55 : GE HiSpeed NXI Base

- Sold

2001 GE Hispeed NXI Base

Approx 52,000,000 MAS on the 3.5 MHU Tube

Approx 2,720,000 on the gantry.

Permanent options : Reformat, Remote Tilt, Smart Prep,

Helical 120 MAX, Extended FOV, Image Disk, Raw Data 1000 MAX.

Excellent Working Conditions...




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CT53 : GE Brightspeed Select Edge avec tube neuf

- Sold

Excellent cosmetic state.

SW version : 11BW46.3-SP1-9-1-HP-S-G8-G_HLT

Tube Solarix installed in mars 2014.

mAs at desinstallation time : less than 1 millions mAs.


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